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Welcome to Black Cats and the Zodiac! Join your host, Rachael, while she takes a deep dive into the psyche of human nature, explores the depths of mystery in the universe, and laughs at all of the beauty in the absurd uncertainty. Episodes will be posted weekly, and you may join in with all of the chaos by following the podcast on instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Thank you for listening.

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10 hours ago

In this episode, I discuss the moon in more depth! I explain how the moon manifests itself within each sign as well as the correlating house placements! Listen to find your placement 🌑🌕

4 days ago

In this episode, the tarot cards scare the jeebies out of me during an energetic reading for October 👻

7 days ago

In this episode, I discuss the moon! I attempt to explain what each lunar phase appears to look like in the sky, how manifesting with the moon cycle can be like, and I find ways that the moon has had an affect on daily human life. Newsletter coming soon! Email at or DM on Instagram @blackcatsandthezodiac for more information!

Saturday Sep 16, 2023

In this episode, I introduce you to my friend Jamie! The topics were unplanned and we are just hanging out. #girlcast

Sunday Sep 10, 2023

In this episode, I consult the text and dive deep into the birth charts of my past two partners to answer the question of how much therapy do I really need? Bonus points to me for surviving double Virgo Stellium’s!

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

In this episode, I assess my old patterns of why I keep dating the same guy in a different meat suit!

Monday Sep 04, 2023

In this episode, I talk while doing a tarot reading on myself for the month of September!

Saturday Aug 05, 2023

In this episode, we, yes, I said we, talk about Lizzo, the possible missing link in human DNA, Outlaw Country Music, and a few other spicy topics. Please enjoy.

Thursday Jul 13, 2023

In this short segment, I discuss the possibility of creating healthier habits and its possible affects on my life.

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

In this episode, I tell you all about my mechanical evening.

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